Created for Businesses

Creted with businesses in mind. We have already bundled in a solution for most of your concerns.

Easy to Use

All you have to do is click and it just connects. No username and password needed. Just import the file that we share with you and you are good to go.

Connect Across the World

We can connect you accross the world. We have 200+ points of presence globally and multiple locations accross India.

Phaico VPN Features

Private Cloud Server

You will get a cloud server dedicated just for you. No other customer will be sharing the resources.

Dedicated IP Address

The IP address assigned to your VPN instance will be dedicated just for you. No Sharing.

200+ Global Locations

We have over 200 points of presence accross the world. You get connected to your choice of country.

Your LAN Everywhere

All the sites or users that get connected feel as if they are sitting inside the office even while they are at remote location.

Encrypt Everything

Encryption starts at the client PC. So no traffic leaves the computer unencrypted.


With the technology we use, the websites feel as if you are in the country where the VPN is connected. They never get to know that you are connected on VPN.

Why Phaico Managed VPN

We do all the dirty work so that you can enjoy the services and focus on your core business.
VPN is a monster when it comes to configuration and management.
Even your inhouse IT team is reluctant to implement.

Phaico will do :

Certificate Management

User Management

Server Management

Hardware Management

Application Management

Configuration Management

Updates Management

Performance Monitoring

What do we expect You to do?
Just Click to Connect

Just click the connect button

Our Happy Customers

We strive to put a smile on your face.

They have a good product

I recently subscribed to setup a connectivity for our new branch office to our HQ and I’m extremely happy with the product.

Mike Landry

New York

Easy to use

I am not a technology guy, so I was a hesitent to use VPN. But it really takes just one click to connect.

Brian Smith



Costs Just Rs. 500/-

*starting price per person per month

Try out today. Ask an expert how.
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